Join in on RBYC's (Rec Bowl Yacht Club) Walleye Tournament 2015!

Entry Fee: $20 per person (no age limit)

Weigh-In: Sunday May 3rd, 2:00pm - 4:00pm (no entires after 4:00pm)

Location:  THE REC BOWL 

$10 donation allows those not taking part in the tournament to be eligible for door prize. Children under 12 accompanied by these adults admitted free. 

Fish fry following weigh-in. We would appreciate donated fish from anyone who wishes to contribute toward the fish fry!

Michigan DNR and OMNR fishing rules and regulations apply. 

Boundaries: Coast Guard station above Blue Water Bridge in Lake Huron to Celeron Island in Detroit River near Lake Erie. 
TIME: Saturday, May 2nd, 12:01am until Sunday May 3rd at 2:00pm
ENTRIES: One (1) walleye per person per entry. 
POINTS: Determined by weight. (Electronic scales reading determine points.)
PRIZES: To be awarded for the most points. In the event of a tie, the longest fish will determine the winner. (Big Fish Only)
TEAMS: Teams will be selected by a draw after weigh-in. Three persons per team. Only persons who weigh in fish will be placed on a team. Those without fish will still be eligible for door prizes and fish fry. 

Fish must be in a "fresh-like" condition. Anglers are responsible for the condition of their fish. 
Fish may be inspected before weighing in. Disqualified fish will no be weighed.
The decision of the judges is final. The L.S.C.W.A. fish committee will act as judges.

80% of entry fees covers all prizes
- $50 for the biggest walleye
- Three $50 Prizes for mystery Walleye (by drawing)
- Payout: 100% of remaining entry fees for top 3 teams (three-person teams) (50%, 30%, 20%)

Anyone violating any of the rules will be disqualified and will forfeit their entry fees. The decision of the tournament committee is final. 

Entering tournament by mail: Make checks payable to THE REC BOWL
send check and entry form to THE REC BOWL 40 Crocker Blvd. Mt Clemens, MI 48043

For additional information contact
Jeff Regulski (586) 872 - 1916
Keith Krych (586) 431 - 0232

Entries by mail must be received no later than Thursday April 30th 2015